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Welcome to TanFan

TanFan is an initiative developed by The Tanning Room to support and educate about responsible UV tanning

To achieve a beautiful tan and enjoy the many benefits of tanning, we stress that it should always be approached sensibly and there is one rule that everyone must adhere to,  and it is the same for all skin types…

Ensure you don’t sunburn!

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0.3 Compliance

This is the regulation governing the maximum UV output of indoor tanning sun bed tubes and it is generally referred to as 0.3. It is approved by the EU and complies with all British and European consumer safety regulations.

  • Your tan will be deeper and longer-lasting
  • The tanning process is kinder to your skin
  • The risk of over-exposure is reduced

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Protect & Accelerate

Using the correct products during tanning will help protect your skin and accelerate your tan.

It is also essential that you protect your eyes. The skin around the eyes, and especially your eyelids, is very thin and just shutting your eyes will not protect them from the UV light.

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Essential Aftercare

Take care of your tan by using a tan extending moisturiser.

These products have been specifically formulated to help lock in moisture and as well as improving the condition of your skin they also help to keep your melanin accelerated between tanning which will result in a constantly improving tanning result.

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